Removed the description from this bloggo (the part that said “writer / web dev / I’m terribly crazy sometimes…”). It wasn’t important that be there. **I** know I am a writer, and web developer (in an amateur sense), and I also know that I am terribly crazy. Sometimes.nnI want my web presence to more or less be a series of *updates* and *content relevant* stuff (meaning updates and content about what I am **doing**, in the moment, Here and Now).nnI used to like having a big, full, well-designed, orchestrated blog – but not now. When there are a few updates a week, or a month, or a year, then OK yea it makes sense to do it that way. But this is an update rich, content diverse, litter of ideas and beliefs where I can put out anything at any time. Like [Matt (Baer)]( once described W.a as: a “pastebin of thoughts” (or something to that degree – I am paraphrasing).nnFor a period of time, I used to use the description “a stream of consciousness” in my Twitter bio, but that was entirely inaccurate, because Twitter is full of censorship, algorithmic bias, and self-imposed muffling (or, censorship (that’s how you know the former worked!)), and I was always scared of *what* to say, and *how* to say it, etc. So, it was just “a series of status updates”, and not a **stream** of anything. Now, I want the blog (and my other online accounts, which are not many at all (besides Github, really)) to BE that stream of consciousness.nnI’ll still have “pages” on here (not like I am going to delete stuff from the blog), but I will not link to them anymore, other than the README link in the “signature” of each blog post (so people can contact me, if they want. Or they will be able to when I have a contact page up again).nnSo, just an update.

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