I am tempted to bring in a chair from out on my balcony to be used with the desk, but that is *guaranteed* to be uncomfortable, so I will not do that. The balcony chairs are fine for quick pipes on the patio in the middle of the night, or for getting a bit of fresh air during the day, but not for sitting for long periods at a desk. Speaking of which, I never did get in my 1:00 AM balcony smoke of Kentucky leaf like I said I would this morning. Tonight, maybe.nnAnyway, I found a lot of chairs I liked (Wayfair,, etc.), but almost all of them have wheels. I cannot “do” wheels on carpeting, as it shreds the fabric. But a chair *must* be found, eventually. And I even looked for plain, simple all-wood, unstained chairs, and other than a few on Home Depot and Lowes, there weren’t many to choose from (in my price range, anyway). But, I will likely find an “ok” chair from Home Depot (unstained, little detail) and just go that route. I don’t need maximum comfort, after all – just something that I can sit in to write, do web dev for a long periods of time each day.nnI’ll come back to that.nnNow, I am offing my third cup of coffee for the day, and charging my phone in preparation for the hour long appointment I have at 3:00. It can be *up to* an hour, she (the caseworker) said, and I am thinking even shorter because they close at 5:00 and it’s likely the last thing for her to do for the day, so…yea.nnThe mail (whenever it arrives) should have my new debit card in it, as well. Or at least I hope so. Upon receiving it, I will activate it, and then cross my fingers that it does not get flagged as a “prepaid” card at certain merchants like the old one always did. Or, not ALWAYS, but whenever I had something important to do, or a relevant purchase to make from an obscure online retailer, it would end up getting flagged. It’s like the banks are optimizing specifically for Big Box retailers and no one else. Stripe wouldn’t work with the old card, either. And in some cases, PayPal flagged it, as well. So, here’s hoping that I can at *least* make deposits onto a Revolut Card and go that route as my “backup” when need be. nnMore on that later, too.nnBack soon

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