I realized that I couldn’t sit in the easy chair for hours on-end, so I migrated to the desk in the kitchen/living room. I also cleaned up the kitchen and living room, because I do not want to attract a bunch of vermin and mold and everything else by leaving crumbs, and wrappers, etc. laying around. And, I started dishes. nnI *really* wish I had got a haircut today. I mean, I will soon (perhaps tomorrow?), but, a haircut would have made me very happy, and it is something I have been looking forward to for a long time, so…nnSome lessons from hurting my leg today:nn- never go anywhere without my phone and wallet (in case of emergencies (even though I didn’t need my phone in this scenario))nn- never drink coffee *right* before I leave for a walk, even a short jaunt – ALWAYS drink at *least* 16 ounces of water before heading out the door (as I am sure this injury is dehydration-related)nn- do stretching if/whenever possible (at home, *during* a walk, etc.), because that can prevent injury, as wellnn- be more careful, in generalnnMoving on with the night

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