celebration of "no dog day"

Celebratory "no dog day". I was over on YT, and I was recommended a video for some dog-vlog type deal (some YouTuber who makes videos about their dog, basically), and so I watched, was funny, would watch again.

And then I decided to look at my favorite breed of dog - the Bassett Hound. Majestic creatures, for sure.

And then I started to think back to when I had a Beagle/Bassett Hound mix, and though I loved that dog endearingly, I am 110% glad that I do NOT have a dog any longer. The stress, the constant needy-ness, the separation anxiety that the dog experienced - it didn't allow me to do what I wanted to do. Going to a friend's house meant a dog sitter. Sitting at my computer in the easy chair, meant I had to offer some form of attention at odd times when the dog felt...lonely(?). I played with and loved the dog a lot, and his spoiled ass even slept in my bed, every night. But having an animal meant 24/7 "caring for" the animal, as it should be, of course, but it wore on my psyche a great deal - mostly due to the separation anxiety. Apart from that, I probably could have "dealt" (like I "dealt" for the four years I had him). I couldn't go to a friend's house with ease, I couldn't visit a neighbor that had dog allergies, I couldn't take out the friggin' trash without having the dog in-tow because he's bark and piss in the two minutes I was out of the apartment to do so.

Anyway, these are old, stale, and non-essential complaints. I am "over" that era of my life. I am so glad I am dog-free, and always will be. And in that similar vein (to a small extent), I am glad I am kid-free, too. Never wanted/needed/desired/or could afford a kid. So it is a thing I put little sincere thought into.

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