Someone had a series on their W.a blog about “reads around the web”, and I don’t remember who it was, and there hasn’t been one in a while. But this isn’t one of those, this is just pointing out a [PC Mag article that mentioned](, and though I dig PC Mag, I thought this story was ridiculous. nnThe guy (whoever it was – PC Mag Writer #1,254) decided to categorize services (essentially ALL services) that are not social media companies as “alternative social networks”. He even went so far as to use the phrase in the following paragraph, as if the terminology was set in stone, and widely adopted, and he was now explaining what this “buzz” was all about. (the buzz from his previous paragraph)nnSo, he mentions some things out there – Mastodon,, PixelFed, PeerTube, etc., and wrote some generalizations of what they were (having not tried any of them himself, I am almost positive), and then wrapped up the post with the atypical line at the end of every journalism post about social media: “or, try quitting social media altogether? It’s a better decision”, and then fires off the article to Twitter > Facebook > TikTok, etc. nnHere’s a cool idea – don’t categorize the mentioned services as “alternative social networks”. It isn’t (at all) what they are trying to be.nnI digress, though. Because it seriously doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of *this* service or *that*. I can just use whatever I want, and if it’s falls into a category – then so be it. Social networks (even the alternative ones) I do not use, but Brooklyn Bobby of PC Mag thinks everything has a “Like” button attached.nnback later

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