I decided to KEEP my account on (even though I deleted my account the other day, it doesn’t *officially* delete the account until 2 weeks after).nnI just spent about 30 minutes making a mock-up of the re-make (redesign, perhaps?) of **Thanx**. It looks much better than it does now (which the version on the site now is nothing more than the initial version – not even v.0.1, yet – because I just needed it to look *somewhat* decent when I was building it (which is still a work in progress)).nnAnyway, I’m happy with the mock-up on Carrd (which is saved as a draft), and it will still be incredibly basic and straight forward. Good deal!nnAnyway, I just wanted to get this out of the way, because I was going through my Standard Notes “#dev” tag, and added some more stuff to the “Master To-Do List”, but didn’t want to put “redesign the entire application” as a simple to-do, so I went ahead and made the renders on Carrd and will let it sit until it comes time to start applying that stuff. Which, considering **Thanx** is about four pages in total, it shouldn’t take too long to make the whole thing look pretty :)nnback later

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