Ghost is fancy. Too fancy, I think. It's super great if I am trying to build some sort of newsletter audience or monetize every word I say (why anyone does this on the Internet, I will never know - they're not that important (ever)). But for the ephemeral journaler, the "life logger", the type of individual who just puts his ideas/thoughts/beliefs onto the WWW on a daily basis (several times a day), and puts no "special" effort into some form of longform ("professionally written") document - Ghost is overkill.

So, I will switch to something else in due time, I am sure. I will export this blog (I guess), but it is just like any other blog, so I can simply "leave it" if I wanted to? But more importantly, I will try my hand at self-hosting via a HOME hosting solution (via RPi). Now, I will still use the MBA for the day-in/day-out blogging, itself, but I will use the RPi to host the thing. Fun. WriteFreely software is kinda/sorta a shoe-in (I do not know if I am using that term correctly?) for the software requirements (and it is incredibly lightweight, which I like), but the only issue I may have (and expect to have) is the future maitenance of WF software. It just doesn't get the care it needs to work 100% of the time, much like, much like R.w.a, and everything under the umbrella of "abunchtell" (the parent LLC, or whatever it is).

But, something is out there that can be hosted on a Pi that is super lightweight that I can use, for sure.

More on this in the future

back soon

P.S. I will use the "" domain with the new thing, too - because I love that URL! :)