calendar "surprise"

I didn't look at my "Plain Text Calendar" on SN recently (all my calendar times/dates are just in a big plain text note on that app), and I see that I have an appointment with a food bank today. I nearly forgot about it (in fact I DID forget about it), and that will be with my caseworker who will have the sign-off form ready to go for TeleHealth with my psychiatrist. I also confirm/deny that she (my caseworker) can pick me up from IC on Tue at 2:30 or 3:00, but if she cannot, then my sister, "C", said that she can give me a lift at 3:00, if need be.

Still going to aim for my caseworker to give me a ride home, though, as it's a bit of "a trip" for "C".

I have four other "to-do's" here on the "jots/reminders" note on SN, which are all mandatory "life stuff", but I like to stay organized.

Perhaps someday I can achieve "vagabonding nirvana" that my buddy Mike has with his setup - small backpack, go wherever/whenever he likes, enjoy a calm time when he gets there, indulge in the time/moments, snap great shots and share them with the world (not to mention a lot of nice writing to go with it :))

I'm a busy-body these days, though I try to channel what I do (in life) with more relevant stuff than just the "busy body" stuff I do on a regular basis. That's an entire entry on it's own - on me NOT liking "busy work", and preferring to have some damn "gravitas" and "juice" to what it is that I get up to. I see a few apartment residents here doing "busy" stuff, and they fuss with XYZ, go to the store a few times a day, take out trash, do small loads of laundry - busy busy busy (aka, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit). Better to have someTHING to do worth doing that adds some "significance" to "it" (life).

Back soon

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