…it barely does anything for me anymore. I drink coffee regularly throughout the day because A) it isn’t as bad as soda B) I don’t like tea C) it is cheap as hell/lasts a long time D) gets my brain working in the right direction, keeps me focused and on-track.nnBut energy drinks? No. Other than the flavor, they are not worth shit. I just feel antsy with those things. So I avoid them (almost always).nnSoda, sometimes. Maybe a few throughout the week. Not “hooked on soda”.nn**What made me think of this?**nnI was cruising through some old profiles of people I actually still remember from 2005 on, and ArtistJ came to mind, and he had a story (from 2010, I think) about how he “quit pop” (lol, pop) and had been drinking 4+(!) 2 Liters of soda a DAY for 10 years! Damn! I am glad that he quit, but that must have done some irreversible liver/kidney damage, for sure.nnMe? I *used* to drink close to a 12-pack of Diet Pepsi in two(2) days – and that was unhealthy as shit. I am very glad I stopped all that.nnSo now, I deliberately limit myself. But coffee is still fine, in my eyes. I think it may be a secret to longevity for me. I always think everyone has one (or two) types of food/beverage that can make THEM live a long time, lead to a healthier life, and for me I think that thing is coffee.nnJust my two cents

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