I slept for a few hours, and then woke up in a coughing fit.  I am sure my smoking habit (addiction) played some role in it, but the thing is, I also had to pee very badly when I awoke. Not to be graphic, but for the entirety of my life, when I've been asleep and then had to pee very badly (full bladder), I will be awoken by a coughing spell, and NOT the actual urge to pee, itself. It's bizarre - like everything is completely interconnected and there are no "separations" between my digestive system and my throat? So, in that regard, I have only "wet the bed" perhaps several times in my life (most of those times being when I was very little, except the one time when I was at Job Corps and I was completely hungover from the day/night before, and I had to hurriedly change the sheets so no one found out, and therefore turn myself into a total laughing stock of the campus).

Anyhow, caffeine for the evening. Yes, I am up Now, and having a soda, and before that a coffee, and I am ok with doing this just before I (eventually) doze off, because if I have to pee during the night, I will be awoken by coughing (which is still totally bizarre to me).

Brilliant information to know/read about, I am sure. Not sure why I shared it, but there we go. Haha.

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