I subscribe to a blog by a blogger, former journo, web developer, Bitcoiner who is giving a talk at a cryptocurrency conference and on the website, there were some options for purchasing tickets;nn- Buy with Bitcoinn- Buy with Etherumn- Buy with fiatnnlol! It’s just funny that they use the term “fiat” in this way. nnI would imagine that a lot of people purchased tickets with Bitcoin, but if they are “suckers” they ponied up their useless fiat toilet paper for the tickets.nnI am not exactly “for” or “against” cryptocurrency. I think it is a waste of time and energy to be “obsessed” with the shit, but I am all for people taking an interest in it. nnI saw some (most of) the documentary “Line Goes Up” (linked from a fellow blogger on W.a some weeks back) and I really enjoyed it. It talks about a *lot* of things (mostly NFTs), but it also talked (fairly in-depth) about ALL scams, in general. And yes, NFTs, Etherum, Bitcoin (or really all cryptocurrency), and perhaps a dozen or more online services are what I *would* consider to be “scams”.nnBut, for a small/passing interest in the subject, I find relatively no harm in it (any of that stuff), but when people become obsessed, that’s when shit gets crazy.nnAnyway, back soon

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