Not that this is throwaway button mashing, but it IS a time killer. Meaning *this* blog post, not writing in general. nnAlso, it is not button mashing. I am using a virtual keyboard. So it is screen tapping. But whatever. nnI’m sitting upright in bed. Not trying to sleep. Not tired at all actually, and why would I be? It is 4:17 PM on a sunny day :)nnI had iced coffee a moment ago. Visited by neighbor “S”, but he was not home. So I camr back and am now sitting in my bed, writing on my phone. nnThe pool opened today. And it is *kinda* warm enough to swim, but there is def a chill in the air. Not that I swim. I CAN swim (I have the ability to do so), but I choose not to swim for recreation, haha. nnMore iced coffee in the works. Perhaps. Who’s to say?nnOr/and a pipe of VA/Per tobacco. That is possible, too. nnWingin’ it ;)nnBack soon

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