Started the day by going to BP. Got three packs of smokes. No tobacco delivery, yet (it’s in Indianapolis). nnThen I came home and tried to fix the Ghost software install on the VPS. No luck. I ended up deleting the entire sever it was on (which is separate from **Thanx**) because the Ghost CLI wasn’t letting me UNinstall the software, either. So, who knows wtf went wrong? I might try again another time. Might not. IDK. It had some special commands I had to run because I was using Ubuntu 20.04 (which is what I always use). It was a pain, indeed. nnThen, my stomach meds got delivered (hooray ) and I took one and also confirmed an appointment I have on Dec. 17. I also left a message for *another* appointment that is likely to happen next week. nnThen, I checked the mail and got a (very nice) Xmas card from my cousins in Portland. Very cool. nnHaven’t even had breakfast yet. And it is now 11:50, so I must eat *something*. nnBack later.

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