The Apple EarPods that I have (the wired things that are nearly five years old) are worn out as hell. They sound *so* much worse than my AT (over-the-ear) headphones, by far and away. And even though I do not *need* IEMs (in-ear-monitors), I still really like a pair of Shure SE buds that I saw some time back. I’m not likely to get them anytime soon, at all, because I will get even *more* use out of the AT units when I have a dedicated headphone hook for them on the side of the new desk (it comes with several hooks to hang wires and whatnot on – though, I will replace those with dedicated pegs to hang things on). So, the IEMs are not a likely purchase anytime in the future.nnBut speaking of the desk, I will have a small “compartment” or “pouch” on the one side of the desk, that I *think* is intended to be magazine/reading material storage, but I am not 100% sure from the photo. I *might* keep it, I *might* just toss it, but I will try to get some utility from it at first. It’s the only part of the desk I am not terribly excited about (but it is removable, so it is no big deal at all).nnAnyway, I am kinda/sorta sold on the idea of getting the Schiit gear I mentioned before. And I will not even TRY to use my (new) debit card with the Schiit website, as it is easier to plan ahead and use a friend’s/relative’s card and pay them cash, up-front (+ extra for doing me the favor). If I “gamble”, and try to make the purchase without forewarned knowledge of the debit card NOT being flagged as a prepaid, and if the payment doesn’t go through, it would be a hassle to arrange a last minute scenario where I am asking so and so to put $200 on their debit card, even if I AM paying them that exact same amount (+ extra) right then and there, on the spot.nnSo, I will plan for failure. LOL!nnI am also quite grateful that I have folks in my life that are willing to do such a thing (in fact, it sometimes has to happen here and there, because of the (old) debit card *constantly* being flagged as a prepaid card, which caused a lot of inconvenience for everyone involved (especially me)).nnSo, the coffee just now was quite nice. The dishwasher is running up a storm. And most of the apartment has been cleaned. Good times :)nnBack later

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