So, from “The Montana Excursion”, I was told I would be receiving a full refund (via e-mail, from the refund dept at Amtrak), and that it would take approx “two business cycles” before that refund was applied to my payment method (which is my Mastercard debit card). So, I await said refund patiently, but it hasn’t been applied to the card, yet, and it has been nearly a week since receiving that e-mail :/nnSo, I continue to wait, but I need to get the monies here soon, because I am going broke fast, because there are “life things” that are needed for the day-to-day here in St Louis, and they (Amtrak) **accepted** the money instantaneously, so they should be able to **refund** the money instantaneously, too, right? An optimists logic ;)nnAnyhow, the night rolls past midnight and into Wednesday. And surprisingly, it is 75 degrees outside despite it being the middle of the night. I shouldn’t be *that* surprised, because we are headed into a Missouri Summer, but it still seems early for the nights to be this warm (not that I am complaining).nnAnd, I prepare Folgers instant coffee, which I will buy more of (instant coffee, not Folgers) at 6:30 AM or so, because I am on the last couple of packets from a 7-pack of instant (single-serving) pouches I bought for $1.89 from Schnucks yesterday to try to “get through” a 24 hour period, and then realized I still had a few bucks stashed away elsewhere (on my other debit card) right when I was at checkout, so I just shrugged it off and decided I would go back to Schnucks in the AM and get a proper amount of coffee then.nn::sips coffee::nnGood coffeenn::feels satisfied::nnI am off to breathe in some fresh air on the balcony. Back soon.

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