![](https://i.snap.as/1IFlT0Xq.jpg)nnJust snapped five more snaps for blog entries. nnRandom shit. Nothin’ special.nnAbove is a small pouch that my cardholder wallet arrived in. From a company (now defunct) called “Hitch & Timber”. They were an Instagram-centric business, and ran ads on there all the time (I guess for dudes like me would would “Like” camping photos, and tobacco pipe photos, etc.). They went belly-up sometime before I left Instagram (I think I got my cardholder/wallet in 2018 (birthday gift from my sister)). The dude got overwhelmed with orders, and then lost some employees, couldn’t find new employees, leather goods listings trickled down to only a few items available, he stopped taking backorders, and that was that. Threw in the towel over time.nnNice wallet, though. Serving me well for several years now :)nnHas a brass grommet on the wallet, perfect for looping a piece of paracord through. Looks cool.nnFor me, for now, I am doing essentially nothing with the day. I was “bothered” earlier with all the BS I was reading online, about *things* online, and was just generally flustered with Internet culture, and how dumb it can all be at times.nnSo, I whined gratuitously about it on **TMO**, and then lightened the mood with a post/photo of the moon from the other night. Allowing my nerves to calm and to realize: I don’t give a FUCK what the majority of the Internet is doing. LMAO!nnI won’t even address it further. Time continues on.nnNow, I contemplate what to prepare for dinner. It could be anything!nnback soon

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