Got the budget all worked out, finished. nnGlad it is out of the way. I will have all things paid up or/and bought very soon here.nnI don’t particularly *like* paying bills, but it is nice once they are out of the way. And as far as self-imposed bills (like Linode, Tidal, etc.), I am fine with them. I CHOOSE to keep them.nnI envy the bill-less. Those who pay one, easy lump sum for rent (with utilities included), and then like a phone bill, and that is it. No need for home cleaning supplies, trash bags, Clorox Wipes, blah, blah, etc. Easier way to do things, I think.nnIt’s another reason I dislike cable television – nothing says “I’m here for good and forever” like being tethered to some home cable plan, and needing to make installment payments (or a lease) for a DVR and all this BS equipment that isn’t even necessary. It’s been 10 years since I had cable, and good riddance!nnSame goes for a car, a total waste of money (and a liability in many ways). Even if someone were an overlander, or living the “#vanlife”, they’d still be paying out the wazoo for the privilege of doing so, and likely they could do just as well being on-foot (if they didn’t mind roughing it a bit). Bikes are a pain, too (but that is just me, not terribly expensive).nnBut, I am “apartment camping”, lol! I’ve thought of it that way since I lived in St Louis City. I had my mattress on the floor and some stuff in the walk-in closet, and that was that. I would go photograph different parts of the city, while getting to and fro on the Metrolink, eat at pizza joints, try different coffee shops, and just bum around the city with my Nexus 5 – asking Google to do everything for me because I didn’t know where anything was, haha. I don’t explore cities anymore (not really “into” big cities any longer), and my apartment has a few more items in it than was back then, but I still *feel* like I am just camped out in my residence. Always wanting to go hike, go DO something, visit with people, etc. Less domesticated, more peripatetic.nnBack later

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