So, I am pretty sure I finalized the December budget – Xmas gifts, Hotspots, and extraneous needs, and all!nnOf course I am 100% sure this budget is finalized, because nothing within it is negotiable in any way. Mostly due to the fact that I have Xmas gifts that NEED to be bought (and I am happy to buy them), and a Cricket Wireless Hotspot + SIM that NEEDS to be bought (and I am happy to buy them, as well), and also a (real) Xmas tree for the apartment, which I do not view as optional, either. The tree decor I already have in a tote at the ‘rents, and I just have to retrieve it – no need to buy *new* ornaments, or lights, or anything like that. In fact, many of the ornaments I have for my tree are ornaments that came from the first batch of ornaments my parents bought after they got married. Discolored, quasi-rusty, old as hell ornaments from the early-1970’s. And I love them! There is also a Santa Claus statue (that lights up) that I put up in my apartment every year that is from my mother’s childhood, and she believes they had it in their house in the 1950’s – so that is the “ultimate” in terms of Xmas decor, for me. There was also a ceramic tree, that was light green, and had these multi-colored, grooved bulbs that went in it, and I have seen that same item on Etsy dated to the 1940’s, and *somewhere* in all the Xmas decor at the ‘rents house we have one, but I have no clue where it is at. nnThe coolest piece of Xmas decor we ever had, though, was a light up “bubble candle” – and what that was, was a glass candle-shaped container that contined some type of liquid (perhaps pure water?) and you would turn it on, and the base would light up red and green, and the candle-shaped liquid container would bubble (mimicking a “boil”, but nothing was actually being heated), and the red/green base would somewhat light the liquid in the container to hues of red/green, and I remember being fascinated by that decoration when I was little.nnI think the most solidified memory I have in my brain of the Xmas holiday season, is around 1986/87, when there was the first big snowfall of the season, and we had *just* finished decorating the tree (and the house) for the month, and it was something like 8:00 PM, or later, and I asked my dad if we could go walk in the snow. Just to enjoy the weather, as I was (of course) fascinated by snow as a little kid. So, we put on some warm clothes and walked down the road (down a *steep* hill), and then up the other end of the road (UP a steep hill), and then turned around and walked back. No idea how many inches the snowcover there was – 2 inches, 4 inches, 8 inches – but, it seemed like a lot, and the only lighting on that road was at the corner at the very bottom of the hill, and I could see the snow falling in the streetlamp glow, and me and my father took turns exchanging throwing snowballs at each other on the walk back up the hill to the house.nnStill the most potent Xmas memory I have to date. nnGood times, indeed.nn

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