I was expecting scattered thunderstorms today, but they never arrives - just clouds, instead. That's fine (like I have a choice in the matter, lmao!).

So, I am Now having coffee, and took the morning meds, and got a call from my sister, "C", and things seem to be going ok with her. So that is good.

I have the AC cranked, the glass door closed, because A) humidity, and B) birds, which are the most obnoxious, loud things ever. Not all birds are obnoxious and loud (most are quaint and pleasant :)), but the birds here and territorial freaks that will literally gang up on a single bird and peck it to death. I've found three(3) dead birds in front of my building since moving to this place 1.5 year ago, because the other birds murder them. Insane.

It's 2:45 in the afternoon, and it feels like it is 10:00 AM, because I slept throughout the late-morning, early-afternoon, because I only had a single hour of sleep last night, due to acid reflux. But I am good to go now. Feel quite nice.

I also got an e-mail from a friend regarding where I can find him online now, because he retired the old bloggo, and I discovered that yes, I can add a Mastodon feeds to 1Feed RSS reader! :) So, I did that, and will add his other feed as well, and I briefly considered adding stux (of mstdn.social) to my RSS reader, who is probably the nicest/coolest person on the Internet (besides m150), but, I can't fill my 1Feed app with Mastodon content, because I would be better off just joining Mastodon (which will never happen). Either way, I am glad that 1Feed is an option for Masto, should I choose to add someone.

I'll be back soon