"bringing myself" to write

I launch the text editor here on Ghost (or, tmo.name/ghost, which is this blog's editor - it may be a different address for a blog hosted with Ghost) pretty infrequently these days. Or at least a lot less frequently than any other blog editor in years past (Tumblr, Write.as, etc.). It used to be a multiple times per day thing, and 6-10 times a days I would write a 500+ word blog post. So, 3,000 - 5,000 words per day. And really, for the past year, I hated that frequency. It was too much. My brain literally felt like it was melting into itself, and I still feel that way.

So, I just launch the editor when I have a rough draft in my head, and then hammer something out, and then move along with my day.

Even now, I just wanted to write something real quick, but nowhere to go with any of it.


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