I got back from Schnucks earlier and had a football-sized mango. A meal unto itself, indeed. And it was perfectly ripe. nnI also had half of a Monster Energy Drink (the other half sits half-chilled on the counter, and though it will lose carbonation, it will NOT lose it’s flavor – so I may have the rest later. Or not?) But, the uptick in energy from earlier had me feel sleepy all of a sudden (oddly). It used to happen when I would mess around and have three (STRONG) black coffees after sunset some years back – I would make three coffees back-to-back, but it wasn’t “just” coffee, it was the French press created, thick as fxxx, motor oil style coffee, that was the equivalent to an entire mug of espresso, each. I would get so keyed up/energized, that I would just go “full circle” in the energy department and feel like sleeping after an hour or so after having had them. THAT’S how much energy I get from a few sips from a Monster Energy Drink – enough to make me want to crash out 30 minutes after I drink (half) of one!nnCrazy shitnnSo, I napped a bit ago. And just woke up. And now I make (regular/instant) coffee.nnNo other special details of the day here. I will text my friend from childhood in a little bit. I was hoping to have a text conversation while I sat out on my balcony when the sun came out, but I think the sun will stay behind the clouds today. Anything can happen – it’s Missouri and only 2:45, so we will see. But I will text him regardless. We may meet up this week. That would be cool. nnI also didn’t get a CL bite, which I will stop mentioning the CL posting entirely, until they (the speakers) DO sell (who knows if/when – it doesn’t matter). nnAnd tomorrow, I hope to hear back from a place I contacted (e-mailed) about writing prep work (type of thing), and possibly finding a writing job. I mentioned that on **TMO**, but I didn’t think to mention that they will not be reaching out until their office is open again (Mon-Fri).nnMore later

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