Just had my second supper of the night (which was bananas, after having had vegan sausage patties on a toasted bagel). My diet has been habitual since forever, so nothing too interesting there. nnAnyway, now it is time for dessert (java), and to buckle down to some writing (not really, but some stuff will get written).nn**warmer and warmer**nnThe week is going to heat up to 74(!) degrees by Wednesday, so Winter is basically passing over Missouri (and perhaps the entire Midwest) this year, it seems, and I suspect this will continue with climate change. I won’t go into a snitty tangent about all that, because I have ranted and raged about what humans have done/still do to the Earth many times before – and **I** am (probably) equally as guilty. So…it’s sort of a “spare me, hypocrite”, type of scenario in that regard.nnAnyway, the Missouri Real ID is arriving in the mail tomorrow, as well as my tobacco order (with *all* the Xmas goodies I bought for myself!), so that will be loads of fun to receive. And I am also going to give myself until Wednesday before I hit the “PANIC” button on receiving my new debit card in the mail. I mean, my info is 100% up-to-date with the bank, but I just hope it comes to *me* at *this* address, and doesn’t wind up at my old address for whatever reason. Obviously, a debit card is a very important thing to have.nnGonna enjoy some coffee now. Back soon.

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