There is a blog I keep up with time to time (well, over a dozen of them daily, in fact), that I manually type the URL into the browser bar for, because there is no RSS feed for it. There are no social network accounts linking back to it. No public display of fanfare nor noteworthy "platforms" to heighten it's words on. Just there. The person who maintains it (who will remain anonymous, as well as the blog URL, itself) is a low-key genius. The writing, the solo narration, the implied dialogue - it all works very well together, and it is the closest thing I have come across that resembles a form of "self-corrspondence" that is online today. I love it.

Just wanted to hammer out a quick "Thanx" to the person who writes/makes that service. I doubt they read this bloggo/journal, but thank you for YOU doing YOU!

(and yes, that all sounded very "ring-kissy" (which I am vehemently against), but this particular blogger deserves it)