I sat outside for about 10 mins, had a smoke and finished my coffee. The sun just fills me up with new life, it seems. Maybe that is why I like Winter – sunlight is more scarce and sacred, and also doesn’t *burn* you when you are out in it. Also, the fresh, cool air – brings me to life.nnTomorrow AM, around 1:00 or 2:00 AM, I will step outside and have a short (nub) Maduro cigar out on the balcony. I forget the name brand (AJ something), but it was the best *looking* cigar on tobaccopipes(.com) that I found with the filters I set (aiming for one with Maduro leaf, Kentucky tobacco, short (nub) in length, and “strong” in potency). The last time I ordered a cigar was about a year ago when I ordered the Rothschild cigar, and I enjoyed *that* immensely, too. So, I basically order one (good) cigar a year. Previous to that, I think I ordered a Havana rolled number. Of course pipe tobacco is coming, as well, but I am most looking forward to my yearly cigar treat, as the cigar(s) tend to “kick my ass” with regards to nicotine content as well as flavor potency. And doing it this way (one cigar a year), makes them even more sacred, as well as an excuse to “splurge” on them price-wise. Spending $6 for a single cigar is nuts for a box of 20 or 30 or whatever (for *me* it is, anyway) but a single cigar per year is not a big deal.nnBack later

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