breezeway gusts, car talk, and minor plans for this evening

Yes, I was right about what I predicted before, Neighbor "S" is enlisting me to go to BP for him this afternoon/early evening. I am 100% ok with this, because he is 70, in poor health, and a walk to BP in the potential rain would be dangerous for him. It's not the heat that is a threat today (like yesterday, when it was 101 F), but the promise of rain that could threaten someone susceptible to hypothermia, or just general cold/discomfort, in general.

It's 76 now. Big gusts of wind tearing through the breezeway at his place. He desperately tried to spark half-smoked cigarettes in the wind, as we spat on about cars. Cars! A subject I NEVER talk about!

Was I familiar with different car makes/models?

Yes, I am. I know of and can recognize many of them. Do not care much for any of them.

Did I ever have a car?

Yes, when I was 16 I had a Dodge Shadow (2-door) for three months before my parents sold it off after I got in trouble for being with a friend who had been caught shoplifting at a department store at a local mall and got in trouble with the police (HE got in trouble - I was simply sent home). So, bye-bye car, bye-bye practicing for a Driver's License, and it was (of course) yet another fast and loose excuse and scapegoat for my parents to not do anything "parental" with their lives, which had always been the case since I was 10. Shitheads.

Did I have friends that were into cars?

Yea. Many/most of them. I just didn't partake. Been a "hoofer" (or, walker/hiker) my whole life, and this will continue on. I have good health because of that (daily cardio), and I wouldn't change this for the world.

Nothing else occurred when I made my visit. I came home, had a pipe (as I am not really a cigarette smoker), and am now making coffee.

The sun begins to make an appearance. And I am thankful for that.

back later

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