Breezeway bullshittin', BP pops, and blue sky abound

The clouds cleared. Not overcast, but very sunny as of now. Thin white clouds trail throughout the sky. The breeze was almost a wind as I walked to the apartment of Neighbor "S". I entered the breezeway there, and had to adjust my hat to keep it from flying off. So we sat and smoked cigs, and I told him (Neighbor "S") that I was going to BP for a soda, and that I would buy him one, but he insisted on paying his way, so I took a dollar from him, and went to BP and got our beverages and then we sat and chatted for nearly an hour in the wind.

We spoke of different elements and generations within our respective families - him being 70-years-old, and recalling his aunt who had Polio, and I (being (just) 38) but recalling my Great Aunt who at one time had Polio (with little residual effects from having had it - she was lucky). We also spoke of the Rockies, his time camping/living in Colorado in his 30's, my brief time (three whole days) in Kalispell, Montana (which was just this past May). Gorgeous to be in a mountain town, even though Kalispell was what the laundromat tenant referred to "beautiful desperation", as the town and surrounding towns are dirt poor, but the scenery on the horizon is beautiful.

After a while, a neighbor down the breezeway came out, and as she sat in her chair, I could tell she was listening to all we were saying, but not adding to the conversation. And like all residents of this apartment complex (nearly all of them), she was well above 60 years old, so maybe she didn't want to jump into a convo with a "whipper snapper" like me.  

But these old(er) folks, of course, are more and more of the Generation X crowd. Not that I am a Generationist in any way - no one chooses (nor should care) about the generation they were born. Most of that hyped up "blame game" bullshit has been, and continues to be, sensationalized (negatively) in the media. So, I won't go into it, as I just genuinely do not give a fuck.

Neighbor "S" was "spent" after yammering our jaws for an hour, so he went inside to rest, and I finished my soda and walked back to my apartment. The gusts of Summer nearly carrying me the way here.

Then I had my first legit meal of the day. I had a cheese sandwich this AM, pre-doctor appt, and was famished when I got back from there (at 11:20), and I didn't eat anything until just now at 3:30 PM. I just didn't think to eat, but also didn't have the Nexium to settle my stomach to eat. Now it is settled, so I ate ;)

Everything arrives tomorrow via UPS - the citronella candle (looking forward to bug-free nights on the balcony, perhaps with the laptop, as the screen will not be swarmed with insects when the citronella candle burns), the white tees to replace the rotting v-neck, as well as the Henley tee. A bunch of other shit, too. We get the idea - stuff I need for life. Or for life - not for a lifetime, haha!

back soon

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