Mt Dew Code Red was bought. As was a pack of Lucky Strikes.nnI wrote several blog posts this morning, and deleted them all, because I wasn’t too thrilled (or even interested) in where they were going. Perhaps *too* passive and irrelevant.nnSo, I’ll think of neat shit to write about now. I hope.nnPlans for the day: next to none. Write a lot of stuff, read a bunch of blogs, and likely find some things to watch on YouTube.nnI saw a video last night, recommended by the YT algorithms, that was a parody of an interview with “the guy who came up with the word “umpteenth””. Of course the entire thing was a comedy skit, and I seriously **lost. my. mind. laughing**. It was the funniest thing I had seen in over 10 years, and the hardest I have laughed in that same amount of time. I can only compare that video to the segment in **cKy Volume. 2** called “Bran’s Freestyle”. Bran’s Freestyle could definitely be interpreted as highly offensive, but I would venture to guess that anyone over the age of 25 has (at one point) seen that video, and laughed uncontrollably at it, despite it’s crass nature.nnThe video from last night (about the guy who came up with the word “umpteenth” (a preposterous concept to begin with)) was not offensive in any way, it was just batshit crazy, random, and hysterical in every way. I was literally hunched over at the laptop, dry-heaving laughter, because I could not get the laughs out fast enough, and tears were dropping *from* my eyes, and onto the inside of my eyeglasses, and 1/4 of what was said I did not catch, because I was in a complete state of (comedic) hysteria.nnPriceless, amazing comedynnI’ll find more funny stuff to watch later. *Family Guy* clips, *South Park* clips, probably stuff from Trey Kennedy, and other comedians who are YouTube-centric. I think YouTube (and most of the Internet) *can* be used as a medium for joy and laughter, and it is always a good thing when people use it that way. Not every day has to be marked as Serious Day(TM) on the calendar.nnback soon

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