Well, since re-injuring my leg the other day, I think it is mending a lot better this time around than when I got the initial injury (on Nov. 1). It is less sore, less swollen, and icing it has helped a LOT (even for just 15 minutes). nnSo, I will continue to ice it, not walk on it unnecessarily and just be careful, overall. That is why I am going to the ‘rents tomorrow for my birthday instead of the restaurant – I can just sit there, and not have to go up steps or do this and that. I will spend the majority of the time sitting in a chair eating ‘za (real healthy, haha).nnSo, one more ice session tonight, I think, and then I will doze off to Sheepland (counting sheep – a tale that I haven’t heard mentioned in many years), catching Z’s, snoozin’, dozin’, rejuvenating and recovering.nnI head out of here at 11:00 AM tomorrow, so I will be well rested for that. But it isn’t off to sleep, yet. I am having coffee and (messed up, inadequate) VA/Per tobacco. Tomorrow I’ll buy smokes, and that will set me straight in terms of smoker’s satisfaction.nnSo, things are picking up here (mood-wise), and I am happy about that.nnBe back soon!

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