boring my way to sanity, with House of the Rising "Dumb"

I sat in bed, not tired, just bored. And I felt bad, about the low quality of life I often experience. I decided to get up, as it "low life quality" will just continue regardless of what the hell I do for the time being, so I just got up and went outside and smoked.

Now, I play "House of the Rising Sun" on Tidal by The Animals. It's a great cover of this song.

But anyway, I was feeling like I have "bored myself to sanity", which is the effect of the meds that I am being consistent with now. But yea, breaking through into a realm of moderate sanity, or sanity-like mindset through sheer exhaustion from exhaustion. It's not mania, as I am familiar with that, so...yea.

The meds though, they're good. Working ok, I think.

Working out (walking/resistance bands) helps a lot, too

My brain is still burnt, though

on I go


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