Snow days are always the most lame, because I cannot (or will not) go anywhere due to safety concerns. But tomorrow, I am walking to BP and getting a couple sodas come hell or high water (or high snow), because I am sick and tired of being inside for a full day straight. In fact, I would go to BP right now (at 8:35 PM), but I am sure they will be closing soon if they haven't already. Besides, a morning walk in the fresh fallen snow sounds quite nice tomorrow :)

how do gamblers die?

Or, do gamblers die (as a direct consequence of gambling)? It's a good question that I oftentimes ask myself. Not because I am a gambler, but because I really want to know about how, for those who have psychological addictions (or those who have psychological addictions which they cannot conquer), how do they end up "ending"? Do they just continue the spiral of destitution until they are alone in their folly? Do they "see the light" and stop (even if they stop after it is "too late") and live the remainder of their life in regret? Do they perish from a circumstantial scenario? Or do they end themselves, through heartache, misery, and psychological torment (depression)? It's worth asking, because I feel that many in modern society have the mind(s) of gamblers. Social media usage is, indeed, nearly identical to the mental pattern(s) of that of a gambler - so, it is worth taking note of how (historically) people with the addiction of gambling end up - be it end up in a homeless shelter, or end up "coming through it", or end up dead! I'd like to imagine people can/do recover from the activity, but I haven't researched the topic at any length, so I have no idea if gamblers wind up any different than non-gamblers, but everything plays a roll in everything, right?

Of course, addiction is only as real as one is privy enough to acknowledge it to be. Ignorance of one's disposition (psychological, physical, environmental) can be a great "scapegoat" of needing to take responsibility (for one's self), and it can also be a form of "bliss" (as long as they are not the ones on a/the losing end of the cycle), or it can be the lubricant of complacency - where consequences have already been had (in their mind), their "bad days" have already passed, and only the "worst of the worst" tends to tickle their nervous system of "oh shit, time to react!".

And the only thing that can be said for sure about a society (or even a civilization) of docile inhabitants, is that "what goes up, must come down", ebb and flow, action and reaction. And what that more or less translates as, is, in a world (digital or physical (or hybrid of both)) where the masses are inebriated on dopamine toxicity, conformity, and complacency, one can only wonder (as I do), what would be the reaction or seemingly opposite of what is here now? It could be either positive or negative - depending on where anyone/everyone falls in their perception of the present. If times are good, do they go bad? Vice versa? Neither? Both?

Pattern-finding is not a thing I am attempting to do, though. Nor am I trying to predict the future (obviously that is wholesale impossible). I'm sort of just rambling things off my chest that have been knocking around for a while: death of a gambler, (self) responsibilities of addicts, possible outcomes of a world where phone-staring has been the name of the game for a decade and a half (which may continue, may not. Again, no crystal ball here).

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