I won’t even bother trying to go to Apple Support Forums to try to troubleshoot the issue, as it will be three or four answers from people having the same issue – all with different scenarios – and then one or two Genius Bar employees telling you (or me) to make an appointment at an Apple Store. nnSo, why bother?nnIt won’t work, and macOS sucks, lol!nnGranted, I do have an OS update to install (Monterey), but that shouldn’t have anything to do with my **current** OS crippling it’s own BT capabilities. nnSort of a reason I like pre-Internet computers (not that I used many of them in the past other than the Apple IIE in grade school, and maybe a Commodore 64 here and there) – they didn’t have auto (and sometimes hidden) updates occurring with them over the Internet. So, if something worked *yesterday*, then it would work *today*. Everything just *was* and just *worked*. Same can be said about video game consoles (anyone who has had to deal with PS Network updates (and their length of time to download/install) can attest to that). And, the same can be said for smartphones, and smartwatches now, too – updates galore, things break, things get bricked, and Big Tech(TM) co’s are all too happy to just sell you a new one (or charge extravagantly to fix the old one (IF you have a warranty, like AppleCare – which costs an arm and a leg and should just be free from the get go)).nnBut, whatever. I won’t get into this foolish predicament again.nn

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