The bloodwork came back and *everything* is good, in the healthy “green zone” (and they ran a LOT of tests, including a full LIPID Panel), except: I have elevated AST. That was in the “normal” range before, and I expected it to be in a normal range again, and to have slightly elevated ALT – but they reversed! Now ONE is higher and the OTHER one is lower! :/ One is a liver protein, the other is a liver enzyme (which is which, I forget, because I only glanced over the information). Likely, I have the higher number due to medications (in fact, that could be the *only* reason I have that high of a number (the exact number I will keep with me, but it is fairly high – though, not disease-level high)).nnI will discuss this with the doctor. Especially since she is the one prescribing the medications I take.nnBut, the A1C is good (*right* in the green/healthy zone), and that is very good, because it was at an elevated/pre-diabetic level at one point, but due to the fact that I improved my diet (*immensely*) in the past two years + exercise + lost 35 pounds (and still going!), that made a big difference.nnNow, I wonder, if the instant coffee (or, coffee concentrate) makes a different on the liver functions? To a certain extent, I am sure it does. But, I wonder if I switched to a lighter, “blonde” roast of organic beans, if *that* could help out the scenario at all? I will look into it. nnSo anyway, it’s almost 11:00 PM, and it is still a cold/rainy mess outside, so I am glad to be indoors. Chances are, tomorrow morning will NOT see a hike from me, even though I have been *craving* a good hike lately. 6:00 AM is when I will start (much needed) laundry, and get that taken care of first thing, so I don’t have to battle for a washer/dryer later in the day (as it is a weekend and that means it will be incredibly busy).nnback later

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