I think I may need to start taking medication for blood pressure. I get so furious and worked up over seemingly nothing at all. I feel that very little of it (the rage) has to do with psychological symptoms. In a split second, I can (and do) rage over preposterous stuff that doesn’t even have a tangible explanation as to why I am upset about it, or how.nnNow, I am 38 years old (“a little young to be taking blood pressure meds, don’t ya think?”), but my late-Father had blood pressure issues at my age (+ many other health issues (due to atrocious diet and no exercise – a path I chose NOT to take)). So, I think it would be wise to start a medication for it. And this isn’t “on a whim” or anything, I have been getting high blood pressure readings for the past couple of years at doctor’s offices, nurse stations, etc. Every time they need to check my blood pressure, it is fairly high. My resting heart rate was at 100 BPM at one doc visit, but that was due to me being nervous about what the results of the exam could be (which turned out to be nothing to worry about). Blood pressure is difference, but mine is usually high. I don’t want it to be high.nnSo, I am definitely considering this, and it *will* be a thing I bring up with my primary care doc when I see her in August. I think it would be a good move.

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