I have an account with [1Feed](, and I do not know why. Well, I like to read different blogs, is why – but, I subscribe to *exactly* eight blogs on there. There’s nearly no point to that. So, I am closing my 1Feed account. Or, will just ignore it and eventually forget about it. I don’t have a Premium account, so it isn’t like I will lose money from an annual subscription, so…nnAlso, I added/subtracted to my [blogroll]( I only removed a couple blogs that are either non-functional, or…yea. That’s the only reason why. They cease to be blogs on the Internet and I have no idea what happened to their authors.nnBut I added some, too (most from W.a):nn- [tea time]( [zymotux]( [Jake LaCaze]( [Paolo Amoroso]( [triptych]( like when these blogs put updates on R.w.a, so they should be blogroll’d, haha.nnI am still looking for other “out there” (non-W.a) blogs to add. Stuff I come across or just independently look up from time to time. Can’t think of any at the moment, though.nnback soon

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