I went ahead and added a blogroll to this blog, and now I have to check all the links and make sure they are all still valid URL's, lol! I basically copy/pasted the blogroll from tmo (the old blog) over to here, and only deleted a couple blogs from the list, because they had not been updated in close to two years, and those blogs would likely not see an update again, were abandoned by their owners, so they were taken off the list. Sad, in a way. But, I've met a few nice people on W.a as well as elsewhere online over the years, and they may or may not have a blog, but sometimes their links simply change, they get a new address, they digitally move, etc., so I have to swap out the links to the new address. Which is fine, it just takes time for me to get around to updating it.

There are more blogs I am adding to the list soon, especially those who have been in contact over the years, but some of them do not have blogs, so I may just shout them out (or not, they may want to remain private?).

back soon