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So, as of tonight I was added to, which I think is cool. I had seen it a couple times before, linked from FOSStodon (or from someone who mentioned it on FOSStodon from within my RSS feed), and I thought it was (is) a neat service, but I didn't submit my blog to it, because self-nominating seemed...pretentious?

But as of recently, I've been corresponding with the guy who runs it (hey Ray!), and I went ahead and submitted my blog there, and it was added to the personal section, and...yea, pretty cool :)

In other news, it's 10:20 PM, and I am fairly tired. Sort of in a burnt out type of mindset.

And also, my YouTube consumption is through the roof. I basically watch it like I used to watch TV when I was a kid. That is, prolonged bouts, until I want to do anything else besides watch anything, and then being so "enter-bored" that I just go do something else. Maybe visit Neighbor "S", or stand on the balcony for a long time, make coffee and ruminate on life in the easy chair in the living room. Or, write out a blog post, or whatever.

Been like this for a while. But I have no intention of slowing down/stopping, because I have no other avenues of time consumption to pursue elsewise.

Obviously other things exist, I just don't like doing any of them. I either want to be A) out in the world socializing, or exercising (or even both!), or B) just finding things to laugh hysterically at on YT, with the rare occasion of some sort of tech hobbyist video.

It's likely why so many posts show up here on - it's a time killer. The action OF writing is a thing I am fine with doing, so I kind of fill some of the day's voids with whatever I am thinking about. I mean, they would get thought about regardless, but I put em into a post and then (of course) that alters what and how I am thinking about it, and then it becomes a "one in the same" act of writing/thinking.

Still, real life is better. Socializing is better. Friends and neighbors are better. More of the in-person/consequential/energy of presence that kind of ticks all the biological boxes for me (as it does everyone, I am sure). It's a thing I've corresponded with ~Inquiry about on a good many occasion. And it is a subject worth mentioning, and ruminating on every now and again - how MUCH better life in the outside world is than just a digital presence.

Nothing else to add to that.

Hope the post finds everyone well. I may have coffee again. Get the blood flowing.

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