I think I may have temporarily emotionally “stunted” myself by going an entire day with little to no caffeine, as I had to be out the door at 10:45, after waking up at 10:20, and had no time to make coffee. I also didn’t have access *to* coffee nor soda when I was out and about (stranded at the sister’s house while a dog whined constantly (long story)). So, I have been “making up” for lack of caffeine throughout the day by slamming mug after mug over a several hour period with two back-to-back espressos, and now a “regular” cup of instant. nnAlso, I noticed that I was able to write but a single, paragraph-sized blog post over on []( upon returning home, and then after that, it was more or less 3-4 “quasi-posts”, that I ended up deleting in the end, because my thoughts were scatter-brained, and I was taking far too long to write them, and sometimes 30 minutes would pass in between writing just a couple of sentences. So I just sort of “quit” on those posts.nnAnd then, in comes the coffee, and I was/am able to write out regular blog posts with regular frequency, at a regular WPM rate (I am guessing), and get the words out with no trouble.nnAnd I can see now (to a certain extent) what people mean when they say “I turn coffee into code”, only for me, it is more or less turning coffee into text. It (coffee, or *any* caffeine source, I guess) sort of “gets the brain right”, and kind of opens up the parts of creativity and cognitive function that is absolutely necessary to get proper results when I try to hammer out some text.nnAnyway, I am happy to be back at home, and to have access to coffee again. And I *am* fairly wired from the stuff. Which I am always OK with :)nnTomorrow, it is Sunday, with good #stlwx in store. And I will enjoy the day writing and drinking coffee, and getting into whatever else I get into.nnback soon

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