![]( made coffee, and settling in for some bloggin’. In a few days, the chair pictured will not be against the wall tapestry you see in the background, because the chair is going to the other side of the room, and the TV console will be against the tapestry, instead. And yes, I forgot to mention that I ordered the TV console a little bit ago. Was on a deep discount, too, so that’s awesome. I think I am getting the (hand-me-down) TV on Saturday, because that is when me and my brother-in-law are moving the old entertainment center (at the ‘rents) into the garage, putting up the *new* entertainment center in the living room, as well as setting up her new (very nice) TV. Then, I’ll just bring the old TV home with me. Doubtful I’ll have the TV console by that time, but soon after, I am sure.nnThe coffee is good. Life is going OK. No real complaints to be had.nnBack soonnn#bloggingstation

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