I have an issue that I cannot really describe (properly) on the Ghost blogging software (which I self-host on Linode), where I write something, and the tethering connection drops out, and whatever is written doesn’t save or publish correctly. It happens probably every other blog post, and it has to do with my weak PDAnet+ tethering connection, and having to disconnect and then reconnect to Wifi. So, I cannot really blog over there at the moment. I *am* getting standard, at-home WiFi in April, so this will cease to be an issue, but until then I can not really use that platform for anything other than very short posts.nnOn another note, I have to see about moving when my lease is up. The neighbor below is completely insane, and loud. She always throws fits and is nuts, so…I will try to move.nnIn the meantime, I will get WiFi back, and see what all I can do with it. I will start by using the Chromecast, and then I will get back into the flow of logging into my VPS on a whim via SSH without having to take a bunch of steps to do so (tethering makes that process a four step ordeal). I may tool around with web development a bit more. I will also keep up-to-date with updates on the Ghost bloggo. Other things.nnback later

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