49F outside right now, but sunny as could be. Had an egg sammy for breakfast, as well as some iced coffee, and sitting in the sun rays in the easy chair, bloggin’ loggin’.nnAlso, decided to (just now) give the Xcode install another try (since I disconnected and then reconnected to my WiFi signal), and it seems to be downloading *much* quicker now (49 mins left, instead of 103 **hours**!). Now, I will still get the WiFi hotspot for the apartment in December (that is the plan, anyway), because it would be infinitely useful to have (PDAnet+ on Android is not terribly reliable, at all). But, the long/short of it is, I should be able to get Homebrew installed on this Mac sometime today (right after Xcode is done installing, actually) and then go from there. nnGonna be a good day 🙂

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