I wrote a couple blog posts on W.a a bit ago, and they are mostly regarding Twitter (and Mastodon), and how Elon Musk is now buying Twitter, which is wild and insane, as is Musk. So, that is a thing that is happening.

But I am not too concerned with it. What "those" people do is up to them ("those people" being Silicon Valley tech giants who only care about stock/shareholders, and don't care about the people who made their co into what it is - even though that "thing" is a bad thing now). I also don't care too much about Elon Musk, as I didn't have much to think/say about him in years past, and then he apparently talked (or talks) mad shit on Twitter about marginalized people, and is kind of a Trump lover, etc., so...fxxx that guy.

Anyway, on with the day. It's an overcast Spring day here. And a chilly one. It is dropping to near 40 degrees later on. I have the sliding glass door open now, and will swap out the AC for the central fan in a second here.

....and done.

Had a couple of coffees just now. Tasty.

Just an update

back soon