I sometimes try to hammer out some text the first thing I do when I wake up. Well, the third or fourth thing I do when I wake up – first I make/drink a mug of coffee, I also check my e-mail, as well as check my Informed Delivery account with USPS (to see what I might be receiving that day), then I attend to whatever morning tasks I may need to do (take out the trash, or if it later in the morning, perhaps do a fast jaunt to Schnucks) – but soon after those things, I will write an entry.nnThis morning, I am having my second mug of coffee, after reading through the entirety of the [Offscreen Magazine]( website, and considering re-subscribing. I subscribed to the (independent) magazine before, and kept the subscription going for around a year (it *was* a quarterly (four issues per year), but then it became a three issue per year ordeal), and though it is one of the better magazines I have ever read, a lot of the “angle” or “innuendo” with the magazine and it’s publisher (who can be nameless here, anyone can just *see* who it is) tends to lean heavily towards the Woke Culture(TM), and social (media) justice warrior ethos, and that sxxx is annoying as could be. And I try to avoid everything that has to do with that realm.nnI certainly ignore anything that has to do with Woke Culture, or Cancel Culture, or FOMO, or Social (media) Justice (AKA Tweeting angrily), or hyped up anything. It’s there (meaning *over* there, on social media sites (not relevant to an average human, at all)), and people can either go bxxxs deep on those topics, and lose their minds with rage, or they can simply absolve themselves of that mindset, and live their lives with calm and dignity. It’s all the same to me, if someone spends their time/energy on those things – ok, but then I will just ignore *that* person. Or in this case, ignore an (otherwise good) publication maintained by a person who believes in that approach to…life.nnAll around, things (in life) are ok. I am fine with the general state of things, and (like the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) phrase, or “Serenity Prayer” goes):nn”God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,ncourage to change the things I can,nand wisdom to know the difference”nn…so, I kind of have this phrase (prayer) wandering around in my mind at any given time. And though I have never officially joined AA, I *have* recovered (or *continue* to recover) from alcohol, and other addictions (be they chemical or activity-oriented) in life, and the biggest, and most recent (activity-oriented) addiction for me that I *continue* to recover from, is social media addiction.nnSo perhaps that is *my* (well-intentioned) “angle” to how I see and do things online – I want other people to rid themselves of digital toxicity, and websites/services that wrangle in anyone and everyone through dark patterns and the draw of a “critical mass” (meaning “everyone is doing it, so you should too”). I would just like people to be healthy and happy, is all. Both of those things are hindered (or at least challenged, negatively) when time is spent on social platforms.nnMy two cents.nnback soon

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