Someone should make this. Or I should make this. A blog in a box - like, a physical box (or package containing hardware/software) that I could sell as a package to those who wish to self-host a blog.

So, say I created a blog platform, and made it as a downloadable, "host-it-yourself" piece of software (which I would love to do), and then pre-installed that (blogging) software onto a Raspberry Pi (like, the cheapest model they have (that is still capable of running the software)), and make a 3D printed case for it (the Pi), and included "the basics" for it all but (for an additional "add-on" cost) tack on a mouse, keyboard, etc. But the "package", itself (the most basic/simple version) would include:

  • the lo-fi Pi
  • a 3D printed case for said Pi
  • SD card with a lightweight OS installed, as well as the blogging software installed on it
  • and even an Ethernet cord (short, 2-foot)
  • detailed instructions (VERY detailed) on how to set the whole thing up, and try to make it as "plug-and-play" as possible


I could start small(er), and go with just the blog software (which would come first, anyway), and then "level up" to selling MicroSD cards (for a Raspberry Pi (for nearly any model)), and then from there, sell lo-fi (cheap/affordable) Pi's with the 3D printed case (+ ethernet cord as a "bonus").

I don't know if anyone has ever done this. And I wouldn't be selling anything that I wouldn't already own, have the rights to. People can (and do) sell MicroSD cards (from, say SanDisk, or Patriot, or whatever the case) all the time with their own software on them.

What are the merits of doing this?

Well, it would be the same as making the (blogging) software avail on Github, and someone downloading the software and putting it onto their own MicroSD, and plugging that into a Pi - but, this would essentially be a way of doing that without as much technical knowledge needed to be able to do it ("it" being self-hosting a blog).

But, it comes down to money, essentially. Or, "why pay money for something that is essentially free if someone possesses the technical know-how?" And should someone try to turn a buck off of wanting an "easy solution" to self-hosting a blog? Obviously the answer is "no!", so if I make any type of blogging software, I should make it abundantly easy to setup/install, and that is it.

You see, with the Internet, everything is free and easy. If Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had released the Apple-1 schematics as an opensource project at the computer clubs they belonged to back in the mid-1970s (which they did (or, Woz released them)), and people had been able to "upload them to the Internet" (had the Internet existed or hardware to access it), then everyone would just built their own Apple-1 machines, and Apple would have never had an "edge" or an "angle" (or a product at all!) to sell to smalltime computer stores. Or even "big box" computer stores. It'd be like how Microsoft moved in with software, because people already owned the machines capable of running said software.

But, I am no historian, so I won't theorized of how things could have played out, because it is all fallacy anyway. But, the "blog in a box" is a good idea (sorta) just not a very pragmatic one when simple technical knowledge can get someone the same result by simply knowing where to look online, and doing whatever needs to be done to accomplish their goal(s) through simple instruction, instead of doing the "pay to play" method of self-hosting.

just my thoughts

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