Ever look back (mentally) on a year, and think: “I want to see what was going on/how the world was in that year”? And then you just go ahead and do it because the Internet exists? Well, I did that just now.nnI looked up some old shit on **The Wayback Machine** (The Internet Archive), and saw some old celebrity gossip blogs, as well as random MySpace pages (usually of a blog I read back then – MySpace is *very* broken and useless now), and I also looked up a couple blogs from friends from 2009/10 (that still exist(!?)), as everyone seemed to want to have a blog back then. Of course, they haven’t been *updated* since those years, but, they’re there (forever, I guess).nnThere’s no reason for looking up old shit. Just a thing I decided to do. nnSo there’s some neat time-killing that got done this afternoon.nnWhat a boring afternoon, hahannback later

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