Well, the afternoon will be here soon enough (it’s 11:30 right now). But, I am having black coffee either way, so half of my title is true.nnI think when the desk arrives (more desk talk!), I will just haul the entire box into the bedroom and open it there, assemble it there. As it is *going* there in the long run, anyway.nnFun (weird) fact: they are cutting a giant chunk of carpet outside of my apartment in the parking lot (I guess they can’t do this *in* the apartment that it is going?). Either way, I am sure the car-owning neighbors appreciate this greatly.nnThe coffee is good. The day is…fine – no big ups or downs, probably because I am not *impatiently* waiting for a delivery. Instead, I am *patiently* waiting for a delivery, so all is fine.nnBack later

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