I need to pick up a couple clothing items here soon. My black t-shirt (I currently only own one) is fairly worn out, so I will replace it with a very similar black shirt (Fruit of the Loom, of course). Also, a black longsleeve shirt, cause those are boss. And also, a black Henley shirt (again, because they are boss). Sweatpants would be nice, too (for “proper” hiking pants, basically – and also just to wear on normal days), so I will go with a pair of EverSoft (FotL) Joggers. In black.nnAll this will cost me a grand total of about $60, because FotL is very cheap *and* very good (at least their duds fit well on me). Just *one* of these items would run me $60 from LL Bean or Eddie Bauer, so, to hell with the name brand ish, haha.nn**Why all black?**nnI have been wanting to get darker colors in my wardrobe for a while. I bought the “1912” LL Bean jeans in Dark Indigo denim (which are *almost* black) recently, and that (and my single black t-shirt) are the only dark clothes I own. Everything else is bright blue, or white, or khaki, or whatever the hell else. Time for some moodiness, lol!nnback later

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