I didn't buy adequate food for today. In fact, I only bought two small things to eat (both were junkfood type of things), and I am not thrilled about that. The veggie/quinoa supper was tasty, but I fried the veggies in a small amount of Irish butter, and that, too, is very unhealthy. So, my meals sucked today.

I had an apple in the fridge after supper, ate it, was good. Hit the spot. Temporarily. But then, I cracked open an old (Lord knows how old) can of black beans and added Cavender Greek Seasoning, sea salt, and basil, and then had just straight out black beans on a toasted tortilla wrap with mayo. Tasty. Hit the spot in it's own way.

Tomorrow morning I will get groceries ASAP. Fruit, mostly. Iced coffee will be nice, too. So...yea.

If I could use one word to describe today (Sunday, 4.3.2022), it would be "hunger", mostly due to my own laziness and not walking to the store to get anything to eat. I got out of the apartment a couple times, and I bought GARBAGE food to eat from BP, but that barely counts. Stupidity on my part, I suppose.

Anyhow, now I sit back with my 20-something-ish cigarette of the day, and await for any type of tiredness to hit. I will be up around sunrise, and will do laundry then. And then I will get food from the store.

back soon