**bird mates and blackberry bushes**nnEarlier, I took notice of (or snooped on) two birds in the tree adjacent to my balcony. Doing “their thing” (mating, making baby birbs). And I simply continued to scan the environment, smoking, seeing neighbors to and fro, not actually caring.nnBut then, later on (and oddly enough), when I was coming home from Schnucks, as I was crossing the street back to my side of the road, groceries in-hand, yet *another* pair of lovebirds were “at it”. This time, in the upper branches of a blackberry tree. nnThis blackberry tree is a nuisance, which I have been meaning to mention, which is a completely bizarre thing to say. It is right above the sidewalk along Baumgartner Road, it gives off **thousands** of blackberries (as one would expect), and they cover the sidewalk with blackberry juice and sentiment, and crossing those sections of the sidewalk, I often feel like I could slip and fall. It’s literally all over, so I have to walk *around* it (usually) and go into the grass, and then (usually) creep out whoever may be exiting the daycare there, because some weird, tattooed, goofy lookin’ guy is walking towards private property, just to avoid a blackberry disaster on the pavement.nnBigger problems occur in life, but this is MY problem when I am returning from the store.nnToday, though, the fermented blackberries may have served a purpose. I hear that birbs will chow down on said fruit, and “be drunk”, or catch some sort of a buzz from the minuscule amounts of alcohol within. And perhaps that is what lead to the mating occurring in the branches above me (as I tried not to fall)?nnJust another “peeping Tom” that was “bird-watching”, I suppose. Only this time literally. With literal connotation. And my name is literally Tom.

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