Got what I need until after Xmas. Didn’t cost too much, either (surprisingly). So, glad to be stocked up 🙂 I also got a BIG thing of Clorox Wipes and a thing of Swiffer mop pads, so it will be cleaning time tonight! I will deep-clean the bathroom *and* kitchen, as well as other extraneous parts of the apartment. I will start laundry tomorrow at 6:00 AM (as there are people in there (the laundromat) right now, is too crowded). nnFor now, inside for the evening, in all likelihood. I my swing by BP for this or that later, but really, I plan on staying in for the remainder of the day.nn**quick note**nnI did something with the TrackPad on the MacBook and pulled up a “Quick Note”, which I had forgotten was a new feature in macOS (I knew about it for the iPad, but completely forgot it existed for Mac). I have no intention of using it, but maybe if it somehow integrated with Standard Notes I could get some use out of it. No idea *how* I managed to make that feature work, but, it’s there.nnBeen a good day so far. No complaints. Back later.n

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