![]( went ahead and transferred the 1 Cup (roughly) of blond roast coffee I borrowed from Neighbor “S” *from* the Ziploc freezer bag and put it into a 2 ounce Kerr mason jar. While I did so, I also made “camp coffee” on the stove. And since I was in “mason jar mode”, I decided to fill the *big* Kerr jar with fresh tobacco. The Hearth & Home Virginia Spice VA/Per blend I haven’t shut up about since I got it. I ran out of the baggie of the same blend from last month (or, earlier this month, really), so I opened a 16 ounce bag of it, and transferred it. nnCoffee is cooling. My first cup of the day. So hopefully this will kick start me through the rest of the day. I slept well, so, that shouldn’t be an issue.nnAnd these measurements of coffee-to-tobacco ratio ARE an accurate depiction of my needs, in life. I can go a day or so without coffee (why I would do so, I do not know), but if I go a day without tobacco (nicotine), I have basically three hours before “the timer” starts and I begin to feel weird, and then low key withdraw symptoms kick in, and I get indigestion, nauseated, headaches, etc. Wild stuff. So, a LOT of tobacco and *some* coffee, and I am generally good.nnback soonn

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